About OSE Coaching

The power to succeed!
Why OSE Real Estate Coaching?

OSE Real Estate Coaching Inc. is proud offer dedicated coaching and training programs enabling brokers and managers to excel in today’s market. Our unique methodology and our total commitment are our measures of success.

Our mission is to offer a unique and powerful coaching program that will enable Real Estate professionals to acquire the skills and abilities required to increase their sales to 50, 75 and more than 100 transactions per year.

Approach and Expertise

The key principles behind OSE Real Estate Coaching Inc.:

  • Realising that you are a business;
  • A strong desire to succeed at a high level;
  • A commitment to have a successful professional career;
  • A strong desire to acquire the necessary skills to achieve your goals;

Welcoming word of the President

Real Estate as taught does not work and has never worked. 

Samir Bachir



One of the first basic concepts is that you are in business and more importantly, you are a business!

Our “BUSINESS CONCEPT” is based  on five  key elements:


  • Goal setting
  • Motivation
  • Developing the discipline of success
  • Maintaining focus
  • Removing stress and emotions from your daily activities

Organisational management

  • Understanding market cycles
  • Business planning
  • Time management
  • Successful and efficient management
  • Statistics and knowing your numbers

Client relationship

  • Past clients and center of influence
  • Learning to work only with #1 clients
  • Personality styles
  • Customer service
  • After sale service

Inventory management

  • Sourcing your “business”
  • Prospecting
  • Maintaining a saleable inventory
  •  Efficient marketing
  • Price reduction plan

Sales skills

  • Lead follow-up and pre-qualification
  • Property evaluation (listing at the right price)
  • Listing presentation
  • Managing objections
  • Negotiation and closing


All companies must have a business model.
Why is it that you are able to be highly efficient in some areas of your life some of the times and not in others? How is it that some of your colleagues lead a more balanced life; get better results with similar or less efforts?

The business model developed by OSE Coaching, is based on five key elements (a value chain), each becoming a building block for your successful business.

The value chain

value chain is a set of activities that a firm operating in a specific industry performs in order to obtain or develop a competitive advantage.

What is your competitive advantage?

  • An overview
  • Understand the importance of every element of your business
  • Optimize constantly the various stages of marketing
  • Master the key elements allowing you to offer an added value to your customers
  • Increase considerably you profitability

Discover through our Business Model how you can achieve exponential growth of your production.
We can help you to develop the winning solution.


A business is a set of constructs, processes and steps. It is what we call, a business model and is represented by a Value Chain. If there are missing elements (links), the entire chain breaks.

The Value Chain is not linear
In order to reach the targeted outcome. There is a whole chain of events that have to happen.

If any piece is missing or any link breaks the whole chain breaks.

OSE Coaching can help you develop a powerful business model.