Is coaching for me?

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Do an honest evaluation of your skills on the following points.

Answer each of the questions by selecting the appropriate figure.
Left = I do not know    Right = I am an expert

    1. Your ability to manage and control your time :

    2. Your ability to prospect every day with intent :

    3. Your ability to do your lead follow-up and convert them into appointments

    4. Your ability to pre-qualify every client every time and have the courage to throw away all others

    5. Your ability to make a powerful and efficient listing presentation

    6. Your ability to show properties and close the sale

    7. Your ability to manage objections when

    a) prospecting

    b) doing lead follow up

    c) pre-qualifying

    d) doing a listing presentation

    8. Your ability when negotating contracts & offers

    9. Your ability to close the sale

    10. What are the key elements of your business that you would like us to help you improve?

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