Our coaches

Our team of coaches are fully committed to your success! Our highly skilled coaches are proud to share their expertise through proven and well established processes. They continuously improve their skills so as to always maintain high standards. As well, all our coaches hold a Real Estate License delivered by L’OACIQ.

Why do most successful brokers in North America today have a Coach?
They have a Coach because they know they need a system:

  • A defined plan of action
  • To work constantly on their mindset
  • Continually improve their sales skills
  • To be kept accountable to their goals

Who are our coaches?

Samir Bachir

Chartered Real Estate Broker

“Real estate as taught does not work and has never worked”

Why do some brokers succeed in achieving their goals while others strive to survive? How is it they manage to list properties at the right price on day one? How is it they are able to balance family and business; living in harmony? Yes there is a solution!

Whether you sell residential or commercial Real Estate, whether you represent buyers or sellers, if your goal is to obtain 25, 50, 75 even 100 transactions amongst the tens of thousands of properties sold each year; we can help you!

Professional Coach, Samir Bachir is convinced of the importance of developing one’s mindset in order to attain one’s goals, he has learned that mastering market and statistical information are essential in attaining maximum results.

Samir has acquired extensive expertise in Real Estate, building a solid reputation as a problem solver and strong negotiator.  Broker, trainer and coach, Samir has excelled each step of the way.  With this know-how and with his unique expertise he has helped transform thousands of brokers enabling them to achieve exceptional results and build successful businesses.

His unique expertise as a master salesman and his knowledge of the Real Estate industry confer him an unequaled advantage in the industry. President of the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board (GMREB) in 1997, president of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) in 2004 and Executive member of the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA) between 2007 and 2009; his vast experience provide him with a unique outlook on the industry.

Samir holds an MBA from Concordia University (1997), is a member of l’Ordre Des Administrateurs Agréé (Adm.A.) as well as a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) and a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute (FRI).

Diane Mignault


If a model of excellence existed in real estate, it would be Diane Mignault.

An accomplished business woman, a successful real estate broker for over 25 years and an outstanding communicator; Diane made the decision a long time ago that she would pave the road of her success.
Her rules are simple: absolute mastery, total commitment and integrity above all. Diane has developed an outstanding expertise in telephone prospecting listing well over 110 properties annually and establishing a closing rate of 92% year after year.

Well-disciplined and having developed the required skills to prequalify her clients, Diane brought time management to new levels establishing her sales records on 5 ½ days’ workweek. “Never on Sunday” is her moto.
A true prospecting expert, her mastery of closing for appointments enabled her to control the key elements of her business. An exceptional coach, Diane will bring back your passion for Real Estate and help you have a tremendous quality of life.

Mélanie Carrier

Directrice administrative

Directrice administrative et chargée du développement des programmes de formations, Mélanie a reçu son diplôme en administration/gestion de l’UQO. Ses compétences lui ont permis de bâtir une solide expérience au service à la clientèle, d’abord à la BMO et ensuite avec OSE Coaching.Elle a rapidement évolué au sein d’OSE Coaching démontrant des habiletés avancées tant au niveau de la gestion que du développement des affaires.

Son expérience grandissante avec nous fait d’elle une personne ressource pour les clients, avec lesquels une relation de confiance s’établie rapidement. Son esprit d’analyse et son engagement professionnel ont permis à Mélanie de prendre contrôle de son environnement de travail et ainsi assurer la direction du bureau.

Benoit Kazerski

Real Estate Broker

Who would have believed that music led to Real-Estate? Benoit traded his guitar for a career in Real Estate in 2003.  What do these two domains have in common? Communicating with people! Benoit has always been passionate about communicating and interacting with people at all levels of life.

Benoit met Samir and Diane at the beginning of his career in Real Estate and was initiated to the art of selling as few have had the opportunity to learn.  He recalls “Samir had a nickname for me, he would call me his favorite Maître D’ because I was great at everything except closing the deal.”

His solution was to become master of sales.

His loves for life, his commitment toward his clients and most of all his boundless exuberance are what makes Benoit an extraordinary coach. “I’ve learnt over time, that the right attitude is the key to success. It is now my great privilege to impart this inspiration to others helping them achieve high results.”

Keven Hernandez

Real Estate Broker

Keven became a Real Estate broker in 2010 after having worked as project manager for a Real estate management firm for five years.

Ask Keven what are the inherent qualities of a professional and he will reply “it’s very simple; someone committed to his outcome, someone eager to learn, assimilate and master all the key elements of his profession.” Keven made that commitment early in his career; in his first three years he went from listing 51 properties in the first year to 61 and 94 in his second and third year becoming an expert in phone prospecting.

His recipe for success is to continually optimize your organizational and sales skills. Keven has one question for you: are you coachable? If your answer is YES, you will love your sessions with him.

Lynda Boucher

Courtier immobilier

En 1981 Lynda obtenait son diplôme en design intérieur. Courtier immobilier depuis 1987, Lynda a fait de ses clients sa priorité.  Son écoute, son talent pour la négociation et son énergie sont devenus sa marque de commerce et ont assuré à l’ensemble de sa clientèle une expérience agréable et profitable.

Forte de toutes ses expériences cumulées au fil des ans, Lynda a vu la nécessité de développer un «SECTEUR FERME ». Secteur qu’elle continue de travailler avec constance et assiduité. Développer un secteur ferme lui permet, encore aujourd’hui, une belle proximité avec sa clientèle.

Lynda croit fermement à l’importance du coaching en immobilier; que ça vous assurera une très belle carrière et surtout une qualité de vie assurée!

Riche de ces 30 années en immobilier c’est maintenant à son tour de donner au suivant!  Elle se joint à l’équipe dynamique d’OSE COACHING pour travailler avec vous.
Êtes-vous prêts?

Charles Perreault

Courtier immobilier

L’immobilier est sa passion!

En affaires depuis 2001, et avec plus de 1300 transactions à son actif, Charles vous fait profiter de son expérience en immobilier et ses qualifications de professionnel. Charles est un passionné … de la vie … et de la performance. Sa première passion était (fut) le patinage artistique où pendant plus de 10 années, il développa sa discipline et sa détermination, et ce jusqu’au niveau international représentant l’Équipe canadienne.

Ces qualités ont permis à Charles de mettre en place des processus puissants et fonctionnels qui lui ont permis d’atteindre tous ses objectifs professionnels.
Êtes-vous prêt à relever le défi ?

Carolyne Labrecque Perras


Courtier immobilier

Détenant un baccalauréat en enseignement, Carolyne amène une dimension des plus professionnelles à son enseignement. Courtière en immobilier depuis quinze ans, sa vaste expérience et son parcours font d’elle une formatrice reconnue pour son énergie contagieuse et ses habiletés à communiquer puissamment avec ses clients. Artiste dans l’âme, elle utilise une approche très personnalisée permettant ainsi une connexion rapidement avec les gens et une compréhension claire et précise.

Tout d’abord comme cliente dans le coaching One-on-One, Carolyne a rapidement évolué dans sa carrière en immobilier et a atteint ses objectifs haut la main! Elle saura vous apporter une approche et une méthodologie éprouvée en tant que formatrice de OSE Coaching.