If you had an extraordinary tool which allowed you in real time to see where you are at …
If you could identify  in real time what to do to get back on track …
If you could at any moment understand where your business comes from …
If you could identify your key success factors instantly …
Would you use it?

The OSEANALYZER™ is a unique tool which allows you to outperform and distance yourself from your competition!


If your goal is to perform and succeed at high levels, the OSEANALYZER™ is for you. . It will show you the road of success.

“You are in business you are a business!”

All successful businesses have a business plan leading them to their goals. OSEANALYZER™
Is a highly specialized software program created for that purpose. It will enable you to set your goals and provide you with real time tracking as well as provide immediate corrective measures to get back on track.

Do you know your numbers?
How many contacts do you require to get a bonafide appointment?
How many appointments to get a signed listing?
How many hours do you invest for each transaction?
And much more…

OSEANALYZER™ is the only professional tool that enables you to build a detailed action plan to succeed at high levels. It is available in English, French and Spanish.

Once set up, you will be able to enter your daily activities, listing presentations, contracts and sales, the  OSEANALYZER™ will do the rest.

Utilized with one of our training programs, the OSEANALYZER™ allows you to set listing and sales goals weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Your goals can be prorated over 12 months or set according to various cycles.

The OSEANALYZER™  will direct you daily to the required tasks to reach your goals as well as provide you with real time corrective measures to get back on track when required.

How much do you make per hour? The answer is not dependent on external factors but rather on the way you run your business. The  OSEANALYZER™ used in combination with our exclusive One-on-One coaching enables you to succeed at very high levels.

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